Community Rules

Where This Applies:

The following sections apply against all group functions including (but not limited to) the Groups, in-game chat and Discord.

We recommend familiarising yourself with these rules so we can ensure all our members are protected, and to prevent any auto-bot kicks. No admin will be able to reverse any bans by the Discord bot and any action taken on Discord will be reflected across all of our groups.

Report A Member

To report another group member or admin for misconduct of the rules, bullying or other, please use the report a member tool found here

Report Any Other Issues

To report any other issues, such as game/vendor/company ToS violation, discord or website issue, please use the report an issue tool found here

Member Interaction and responsibilities

Innocent World is a place for players of the recommended game age and older to relax and enjoy the game, all within a troll-free and non-competitive environment. As such, the following rules apply to ALL members

  • Members must read the full list of rules available on this page, and any drop-down rules to ensure none are broken when joining our group.

  • No NSFW posts, comments or media is to be shared in any of our group areas

  • Profile names and pictures must abide by our community rules and any names that do not meet our criteria will be renamed by a member of staff and the user receiving a direct message to alert them of this change. Any pictures that do not meet the safe for work (SFW) and 16+ requirements will be temporarily locked out until it is changed.

  • Moderate use of swearing - banned words are managed by our bot, any actions taken cannot be reversed by the admin team. If the word sounds harsh, then it probably is (e.g. F*** is a banned word) reference to in-game speech will be tolerated but must be posted into the #spoilers channel.

  • NEVER directly message (DM) another member of our group without first asking for permission publicly. Messaging with an admin is the only exception.

  • From time-to-time, our admin team may directly message you for various reasons. If there are any complications during this communication, please send a report via our Report a Member form.

  • Please use the Discord Spoiler tag when discussing game story content in any tab, this is enabled by adding two bars "||" (excluding quotations) before and after your message. story content MUST only be discussed in the relevent tab (i.e. #spoilers)

  • We enforce English speaking and typing language only.

  • Voice Chat is disabled for new members until they earn New Adventurer status. Please ask the admin team if you wish to group up in voice chat without this status; parties of less than three (3) players without someone of a Veteran rank present will not be granted this authorisation.

  • Messages in Discord must only be written and replied-to in standard font. No font editing including the use of other fonts or alternative characters are to be used at any time, this excludes usernames, however they must still be readable and in the English language.

  • No doxing or writing any real-life (IRL) names, addresses or other private information. Innocent World will NEVER ask for this information.

  • No encouragement or peer-pressure for alcoholic drinking or drugs in any form in our communication areas.

  • No hinting or coercing communication to annouce you stream the game, this will result in a warning.

  • Any members following links provided by other members do so at their own risk, Innocent World do not advise members follow website links that they do not recognise.

  • We want the group to remain a place where everyone can be themselves and not worry about trolls, prejudice or politics. As such, any behaviour that conflicts with the practices of the group and its members will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may result in either warnings or removal from the group.

  • Members that have three (3) infringements on their profile will be locked out of the server until an admin or moderator investigates and replies into the ban-room channel. Action will be taken appropriately depending on the severity as well as a few other factors which will not be released publicly.

  • No other Discord servers or groups are to be advertised in our channels (both voice and text) on Twitch streams (for those affiliated with Innocent World) or on our social media where the member wishes to be tagged.

Mentoring and Supporting our Members

Innocent World operates a separate channel which runs small-group game assistance and training for members dealing with anything including anxiety, stress or simply not enjoying their time in larger groups and would like to get to know members first so they can join in on the conversations when moving back to the main group.

  • This is operated at member's request by Direct Messaging a member with the rank @Vice Master or @Mentor. This channel will be advertised in #news occasionally, however we prefer to keep this open as a small group and only for the members who need it most. Inactivity will result in removal from the group

  • We will operate any activities such as dungeons, trials or raids with our most experienced players at a more comfortable speed so you can enjoy the game. This includes no skipping of cutscenes and assisting players with anything needed during their progress for any jobs/classes (combat or crafting/gathering)

  • A public chat for those with the allocated @Support rank will gain access to a separate public text-chat channel. This area operates the same community rules as the rest of the server does, but operates as combined #chatter and #game-assistance channels until you feel comfortable in doing-so with the rest of the group. This channel remains private and must no content here is to be copied into any other channel for privacy reasons, any infringement will not be tolerated and will result in a ban from the server, no prior warnings will be provided here.

  • If you feel like talking privately to a member of the admin, mentor or moderator team, please ask for their permission in the #mentor-linkshell channel first. This is considered a confidential chat and will not be discussed between group members unless there is reason to do so. These messages are at the risk of all members in the private direct messages (DM) chats only as we do not govern these areas; if, however, a rule is broken then please submit a report and keep evidence so we can investigate this further.

In-Game Chat and Communities

  • Any Group run chat channels are for members of the Innocent World Discord servers' and any of its official/affiliated guilds. Leaving will result in removal from the Group to clear a spot for an active group member.

  • All in-game chats reflect the group as a whole, and as such you must abide by both our community rules and any game and/or company rules when chatting here.

  • Any members, ex-members or those that have never been a member of an Innocent World community that create their own chat channels or groups: If there are invites of 3 to 8 members from the current active group, that channel must also abide by all the community rules listed on the Innocent World website and a moderator or admin must be invited to the channel for monitoring and quality purposes, failure to do so will result in the activity being classed as poaching, any incident that results in 9 or more members being invited may also be classed as poaching.


Guilds, Services, Streamers and other
  • Guilds must not advertise on the server, including any guilds affiliated with the group. Advertisements of such content will be posted from time-to-time in the #news channel on Discord.

  • No commercial advertising or advertisements of your services in any of our channels (this includes direct and indirect methods), including those in-game. If any member witnesses such an event in-game, please screenshot this and upload the image using our report forms.

  • Do not advertise any streams or videos on services including (but not limited to) YouTube, Mixer and Twitch unless permission is granted in advance by the admin team

  • No linking or advertising of any Discord servers, reddit (or similar threads) or other gaming/game groups without permission from the admin team.

Streamers & Content Creators

  • Do not advertise any personal or affiliated streams or videos on services including (but not limited to) YouTube, Mixer or Twitch unless permission is granted in advance by the admin team

  • Veteran members or higher will have permission to stream video directly into a channel. This will not be granted to anyone else at any time.

  • The only accepted form of streaming/video advertisement is the automatic posting into the #news channel once setup by the Discord Master.

  • No linking of any stream in any other channel.

  • No persuading other members or posting overzealous hints to the group or its members that you are currently streaming or providing any other service that may make other members feel pressured into following suit, this includes forcing communication to indirectly advertise in the server.

  • At this time, your stream must be primarily 70% of the game for which group you are a streamer for (e.g. if you are a designated streamer for World of Warcraft, your streams must be 70% World of Warcraft based on other streamed content across a 30 day period); the only exception to this rule are those who are approved by the Innocent World Lead Admin team (Master role in Discord).

  • Your channel must have the Innocent World button displayed and properly linked before making your application to be a group streamer. This can be found here.

  • Please do not message any staff member following your application as thorough checks can take some time, as such asking will not speed up your application nor will you receive updates regarding its progress. If you have not received a response after 14 days, please submit an error report found on our website (Report an Issue) under the "Contact Us" section.

  • Channels and relevant members that do not abide by our community rules and guidelines will be promptly removed from Discord notifications. This rank will not be re-instated after removal.

  • We currently only support Twitch streams with three (3) streamer slots available to members.

  • Not all applications to be a group streamer will be accepted depending on a set criteria which will not be released as public information. Terms, conditions and availability are subject to change at any time without prior notice.

Group Button Link | Application to be a Group Streamer

Instagram Posts

  • Screenshots must be full-sized and not taken as a photograph of a screen

  • All shares must be original and your own

  • Remember to credit your Gaming Instagram profile name and character name so we can ensure the right members are tagged

  • Instagram profiles that are considered not safe for work (SFW) nor 16+ will not be tagged in images, it will be up to the member whether or not the image can be posted.

  • Removal requests can be done so using the Report an Issue form available in the Contact Us section. Not all requests will be completed depending on the content and context and any requests will be followed-up within 30 days of submitting the application.

Events and Group Suggestions

  • Events will be made available to players of all levels, or to the level of all players that are recorded as attending the day before events begin.

  • Event Managers must plan with the admin team only so we can ensure activities are inclusive and abide by our community rules, but must respect the opinions and requests of other members in the #event-questions channel. Requests or opinions does not mean they will be implemented at all times as we would like each event to be individual and ensure they follow our community guidelines nor inflict with the group's interest and vision statement.

  • Anyone that is granted the role of Event Manager for scheduling an event will receive this rank for 8 days including the event day and until midday following the day of the event.

  • Events hosted by members must ask permission from the admin team prior to posting any messages - once discussed with the team, an announcement can instead be placed in the #news channel with a max post of once per day leading up to the day, and three times on the day of the event.

  • Groups and events must only be hosted on the Innocent World Discord servers', following permission from the admin team who will aid in setting this up. Events will include a limited quantity of spots voice channel, pre-arranged with the person hosting the event. External events such as other games played must abide by our community rules at all times.

Game Mods and Logging

  • No discussion of game mods including sharing links or naming specific addons which violates any game/vendor/company terms of service, including those that affect public groups and media

  • Do not share DPS/HPS/DTPS or other related recorded battle log information with any of our groups. Battle log talk is not necessary to enjoy the game and we do not recommend anyone use them outside of a competitive environment, of which this is not.

Group Guilds & Teams

Including Group Guilds', Group affiliated Guilds', other Guilds' (and members' of), the following list will refer to all these types as guilds
  • The guild bank has a tab which most ranks will be able to access. We please ask that all members take only what is needed by splitting item stacks, and if items are already split then only take one (1) stack per day. This tab will only ever contain the cheapest yet helpful levelling food and related items to assist newer players.

  • Donations are always welcome from our members as the funds will go directly back into the guild's consumable supplies and events for everyone to enjoy.

  • Innocent World operates official guilds with plans to support more guilds on other games; this is to better support our members' and improve overall gameplay experience in guilds by expanding on the idea of being locked into one place. Other than the guilds listed on the Innocent World website, it is against the rules to have overzealous talk of other guilds which can be seen as indirect member poaching, or to advertise any guild, either affiliated or non-affiliated as per the Rules -> Advertisements section of the Innocent World website.

  • If a member is considered a communication channel for member poaching (i.e. members leaving the group for the alleged poachers guild or group), the admin team reserves the right to remove said member if prior warnings have been handed out. If any members ask for an invite to a guild, either on Discord or in Linkshells (e.g. on World: Moogle), only the admin, moderator, mentor or guild master roles have permission to respond with an invite to one of the official or affiliated (listed on the website) group guilds.

  • Members are allowed to talk about their guild in regards to recent achievements, however the guild name must not be dropped in chat.

  • Being granted a listing on the website (affiliated guild) does not allow the advertisement of said guild in any of our chat channels either in-game or out-of-game. Players will be directed to your guild when asked in #game-assistance on Discord and one player chosen by the Guild Master will be granted a Guild Master (GM) role in Discord so players can easily apply.

Innocent World, Group Operations

  • Data collected is aggregated from Discord and only contains usernames, messages and time spent in the group. This is so we can see which parts of the group require altering, or provide alternative services to improve the overall group's performance and brand.

  • You may opt-out of certain types of data aggregation from our service provider Statbot available at

  • During opt-out, we will still retain certain information to protect our users and report to Discord or to those governing local laws should this apply, this includes usernames, join/leave dates and text logs including any deleted messages.

  • We will never sell your data held by Innocent World, however you should check with our third parties such as Discord and our Discord bots including Statbot as they will operate under separate intellectual properties and may change their terms and conditions at any time.

  • Security practices may change without notice in our Discord new member areas to ensure the safety of the whole community.

  • The admin team reserves the right to remove members from the server, with some cases with receiving lifetime bans for reasons including (but not limited to); advertising, breaking community rules, rule bending and member poaching. The admin team also reserve the right to remove connected players and suspicious accounts to protect the wellbeing of the server.


All messages in Discord are logged, as with those in-game. If at any time you feel threatened or pressured by another member or player in any game, remember to use the reporting tool based in-game and using our Report Tools found here. Any deleted messages in our Discord are also recorded in an admin log, if you consider any deleted posts to be confidential and were posted as an accident, please notify an admin member as soon as possible who will assist you with the problem. Not all circumstances will deleted posts be purged by the admin team unless they identify those who posted it in real life (IRL) as these could potentially be linked to inter-member incidents in our groups.

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