Good in Gaming

A group-lead initiative to invest in the wellbeing of gamers everywhere

Good in Gaming Initiative

Innocent World aims to start an initiative to improve online communities and stop online bullying in its tracks, enhancing the current campaigns from other groups and inidividuals in the UK, hence our Good in Gaming (GiG) initiative was born.

We believe gaming should be a place for friends to be made, achievements to be shared and be a place for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves after education, work or a long busy day; without becoming more stressed from other members of the community, this, in turn, can become a spiralling issue which ultimately affects mental health and the wellbeing of gamers worldwide.

Innocent World runs gaming groups that promote good behaviour, player mentoring and various types of support channels and reporting tools to better protect their community, we now believe this should be how every community should operate to improve everyone's online experiences.

For too long across multiple countries, there has been lack of implemented or altered laws to include online behaviour and emotional abuse, likewise, gaming groups and organisation are not doing enough to support and protect their team members, fans and extended communities, no tools are provided to report certain types of behaviour and no transparency is provided; we refer to a report by Kotaku (trigger warning: link contains content some people may find disturbing) that has a whole gaming industry in turmoil as more and more people come forward from areas extending from Twitch to companies, competitive teams and smaller communities.

Some of the areas GiG will focus on:

  • Creating and maintaining a positive environment for gamers who share our vision, to unite and stand with us against online bullying and harassment.

  • Campaign to parliament/world leaders to work towards change in internet communications usage, anonymity and have action taken against online users that convey activities that would be considered unlawful if their actions were replicated offline in a personal manner.

  • Create processes and teams to "accredit/certificate" other teams, guilds and communities (such as forums and Discord servers) that ensure their staff work towards positive change and allow free-speech while filtering and taking action against hate messages and trolling.

  • To work with other guilds, teams, organisations and forums on unannounced online/offline visits to ensure proper community standards are adhered to; i.e. Anonymity (protection from doxing), GDPR processes to protect user data, online bullying, trolling and/or triggering behaviour is reported in a proper manner and the person in question is removed from the group.

  • Group values and human resources type processes that reflect across all channels of media, including streaming services, websites, social media and private communication servers.

  • Promotion of mentoring behaviour and professionality in esports; including code of conducts, performance reviews, adequate meaning in team member and moderator promotions.

  • Gaming communities to supply an area or external communication to mental health support networks. More to come on this in the near future.

  • Systems that all groups can install and adopt to ensure positive changes can be implemented and managed easily

We would like to assure everyone, we are getting things ready, more information will be posted here in the future. We will make a positive difference together!

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