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Innocent World in 2020

Wednesday,15th July, 2020

We're posting this on July 15, so it comes as no surprise that the following post will only be for the last 5 months of the year, however we like keeping our community as up to date as possible with the latest changes, plans and where we are heading next.

We would like to thank each and every member of Innocent World and for their patience during the growth, expansion and setup of the servers and chat channels.

Our Plans for this Year

  • Group expansion - We will include more categories of games outside of the MMORPG market to include more players into our vision for a friendlier and more relaxed gaming environment. Next supported game is World of Warcraft (WoW)

  • Staff team increase - We will be growing the staff member base to protect our groups across each of our Discord servers and external/in-game chat channels. Our vision for a larger staff base means less work for those appointed, afterall, we want everyone to enjoy the game and not completing administrative duties

  • Website expansion - As well as the major changes to our recent website opperations, we will eventually be moving provider and changing our content management system so we can improve our communication channels, keep everyone updated more often and better support the Innocent World brand, whih in turn also assists the next point

  • Good in Gaming initiative - You can read more about this here. Good in Gaming will be a priority focus both currently and going into the future, we will be in touch with parliament leaders, gaming companies, forum websites and more to change the way current online communication is handled. At present there is a freedom of speech rule in most countries that has lacked in being updated to change with the times, as such many people can go out of their way to bully others and negatively affect their mental health, of which there are laws against if this happened offline; our plans for Innocent World aim to target these issues and improve not just the gaming communities, but online presence as a whole.

  • Social Media - At present, we have a few social media accounts that will be better incorporated once a few systems are updated, with plans to include a hierarchy of staff members who may als post onto these accounts. This will be used to spread the word of our group, share our vision with others and celebrate our community member's achievements.

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