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For invites ask in-game or on Discord in #game-assistance

Affiliate Guilds

We have plans to support the activities of other Guilds and the recruitment of those affiliated with the group in Discord, across separate servers providing they abide by our community rules.

If you feel your guild meets our criteria: Willingness to help all players regardless of ilvl and ability and can abide by our community rules, please send an email to or direct message LestyMD in Discord.

Realm: Twisting Nether

Innocent World

Faction - Horde

Realm - Twisting Nether

GM - LestyMD



There are a few other Guilds' and groups copying our name. Please ensure you are joining a group using the resources on this website. Only Guild advertisement happens in-game, we will only send out linkshell invites at player's requests or when creating an extension channel, to which due notice will be posted on our Discord and the in-game Fellowship notice board. If you feel our Guilds' or any part of Innocent World does not abide by our community rules, please use our Report Tools found here.

Innocent World 2020