Linkshells are an in-game place for players to talk without having to change apps or use a mobile to chat.

Follow the links for daily updated (but not live) count of free spots in our linkshells

Cross-World Linkshells (CWLS)

A second place for Fellowship and Group members to call home!

Inactivity or leaving the group may result in removal from the linkshells.



World Linkshells

Inactivity, leaving the group or moving house to a different locations may result in removal from the linkshells.


  • Innocent World - For players that wish to join in with group activities, but are tied to another Free Company

  • Ward 6 Community - For Free Company members and it's house neighbours in Ward 6 Lavender Beds


There are a few other Free Companies and groups copying our name. Please ensure you are joining a group using the resources on this website. Only Free Company advertisement happens in-game, we will only send out linkshell invites at player's requests or when creating an extension channel, to which due notice will be posted on our Discord and the in-game Fellowship notice board. If you feel our Free Company or any part of the Innocent World group does not abide by our community rules, please use our Report Tools found here.

Innocent World 2020