Free Companies

Official & Affiliated Free Companies

The following list is updated regularly so we can ensure to our members that they are joining the official or affiliated FC's.

Currently we only have two active Free Companies on Moogle and Lich with plans to include more.

Moogle FC Leaders

Innocent World (World)

Data Center: Chaos

World: Moogle

GM: LestyMD


Light FC Leaders

The Woogles of Chaos (Doot)

Data Center: Light

World: Lich

GM: Caersyng Glazghotsyn


Affiliate Free Companies

We will soon implement plans for expansion of FCs across all data center worlds.


There are a few other Free Companies and groups copying our name. Please ensure you are joining a group using the resources on this website. Only Free Company advertisement happens in-game, we will only send out linkshell invites at player's requests or when creating an extension channel, to which due notice will be posted on our Discord and the in-game Fellowship notice board. If you feel our Free Company or any part of the Innocent World Group does not abide by our community rules, please use our Report Tools found here.

Innocent World 2020