Everyone plays more than one game, so we want you to have the benefits of the group there too!

We run various casual events, ranging from dungeon runs to screenshot competitions, mount racing to hide and seek. All events are open to players of all levels, factions or other game related restrictions/mechanics and are as inclusive as possible. Any questions can be answered in the #event-questions channel on Discord (when active)

FFXIV: Shadowbringers

Dungeons, Raids, Trials, PvP and more! The most casually played MMO is enhanced greatly by the Innocent World group. We have a calendar and set of events, its entirely up to you whether you want to join in at the time.. It's all fun and games after a long work day!

FFXIV Events Calendar

Dungeons, Mythic+, Raids,... Hide and Seek?! Just because everyone else says you should play it their way, doesn't mean you should! Play it the way you want to, in your time, at your pace!

WoW Events Calendar

WoW: Shadowlands

Event Suggestions

To suggest a future event, use the event suggestion tool found here

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