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About Innocent World

We are a community of casual, social and helpful players willing to help our members and provide a place where players can relax, talk and get any assistance they need in game with zero tolerance to online trolls (the angrier players out there)


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We are here to fix a huge problem of online gaming, namely bullying. It has become a sense of normality for gamers of all ages to unload their anger and stress onto other players of a game, some even taking it a step too far and bullying the victim personally. Nobody deserves to have to deal with this kind of behaviour, so we're aiming to start a Good in Gaming initative as well as provide a safe place for gamers to share accomplishments, make friends and promote kind and mentoring behaviour.

The Long and Gritty Version

We started as a Fellowship in Final Fantasy 14 with no other plan than to have a place for players in the West Midlands region of England (UK) to speak their mind and distract themselves by having other like-minded people to play with during the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, this quickly changed to an England group to UK and Ireland and now English-speaking international players in just three months, and we could potentially expand further still by including more language areas in our group (unfortunately not at this time due to limited resources).

During this time, great friendships have been made, servers have changed, the website has undergone multiple changes and the group focus while ever-true to its vision statement, has only expanded its scope and now includes more features and more goals for the future. So now we're here, what does Innocent World wish to change? I'm glad you asked... Our current focus for the future includes addressing the more serious issues in the gaming community:

  • Online trolling and bullying

  • Physical and emotional bullying

  • Mental health and support channels for our members

  • Safety of gamers in communities

  • Protection of employers and employees in gaming companies and organisations

  • The anonymity of online media usage

Good in Gaming

Through this initiative, we intend to create a process for; gaming groups, organisations and companies (all referred to as: "Group") to abide by in a human resources manner to protect members and leaders of gaming Groups to ensure bullying is removed from communities and to ensure members are looked after by completing thorough investigations, enabling transparency (where possible) and undergoing unannounced visits to check processes are completed and logged, in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Currently, we will be looking at communities and groups with over 500 collective members to ensure the larger player bases are protected while we have limited resources.

You can read more about our current goals for our Good in Gaming initiative here

Vision Statement

Innocent World aims to provide the friendliest social environment for gamers. We stand together against online bullying and anti-social behaviour that negatively impacts gamers from a young age into their adulthood. We will provide the necessary tools and features to assist members with their mental health and ensure a positive future for casual and competitive gaming.

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