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It is because of this we aim to back and share our members experiences in-game in real life too.Once you have been a member of the community for a length of time, you could earn the Veteran rank, this will grant you the right to have your social media, Twitch streams or YouTube channel to be promoted on the website, providing the channel also abides by our community rules.

(We accept no responsibility for the content uploaded by community members. If you encounter any issues, please use the report forms found in Contact Us)
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Official/Affiliated Guilds

In each game, we will run one official Guild/Free Company/Team (or whatever else it may be called), this is to ensure there is one go-to place that meets our ideals, rules and goals. We will soon have a process that allows groups, guilds/teams to be affiliated with Innocent World which provides the benefits of a website and Discord listing, non-spammed recruitment and more, all we ask is that you follow the group Rules and wish to provide our vision to your members too! If you are interested - please email us and let us know!

Unannounced checks will be occasionally completed on affiliated groups to ensure the Innocent World ideals are met, and if the affiliated group is found not adhering to the group-set rules then this may result in immediate termination of affiliation.

Extended Communities

An in-game extension to our Discord servers, our group supports the official chat channels of games (should there be any additional services), this includes Blizzard Communities, Final Fantasy 14 Linkshells, Fellowship, League of Legends Clubs and more... For the current areas we support, check out each game's page following the link below


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