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We love to keep our community up to date with changes, new features or to celebrate one of our members. Regular posts can be found on our website or our Blogger site!

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Latest Group Events

We run various casual, social and action-packed events. Events are as inclusive as possible for all members and never require full commitment, everyone has a life to lead after all!

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Community Vision

What we believe in, how we're helping the gaming community and how everyone can contribute towards a better future in gaming.

Innocent World, 2020 outlook

Innocent World in 2020

The team, the plans, the goals... There's a lot coming to Innocent World this year, and we're on the lookout for more members to be a part of our story. If you're a gamer, streamer, video maker or designer, then we'd like to meet you!

For expansion and media enquiries, please contact us via email at the address available on the Contact page.
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From time to time, creating a little competition can be a fun thing... after all, you can have etiquette in sport, so why not in gaming?! We provide a healthy and troll-free contest environment that all players can enjoy! From dungeons to raiding, screenshots to mount-offs, we have it all!

The Good in Gaming Initiative

A large portion of the gaming community deals with negativity, stress, mental health and more. We believe we can help those players and create changes for good. Learn More

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